"I'm just another millennial looking for some honest to god work"

- Adam Fathur Qasidhi Braun (AFQB)

I hate writing about myself. I can never peg myself down. I've been told I can be somewhat of a paradox. Both sides of the same coin.


I'm half Indonesian half German, two opposite cultures.

I’m either out socializing, or I transform into a human burrito watching Netflix.


People would call me bold and loud, but I prefer to observe than to be observed.


I’m a copywriter but I don’t talk much (I hope).


I say I’m an old soul but fall into stereotypical millennial behaviors like complaining about Trump and Republicans without knowing what is actually happening. ( I mean, I know what's happening. My other millennial friends complain about it enough)


But I guess the upside of my paradoxical nature is that I can be both sides of the coin, and see things in a way others can’t.

"Unseen Ideas.

Disruptive approach." 

- Dian Warsosumarto 

ECD Vice Virtue DACH



Portfolio Program

Miami Ad School Hamburg


Master of Science 

Advanced Marketing

Steinbeiss SMI Berlin

Bachelor of Arts 

Business Administration 

Major: Corporate Communication 

Highschool - International Baccalaureate

Bangkok Patana School.



Ogilvy Berlin

Creative Copy and Concepting Intern 

July - Present

Vice Virtue Vienna

Creative Copy and Concepting Intern 

3 months

Pferd Tools 

International Sales Internship 

7 months

Kemistry Production House


2 months

Brands I've Worked For